Deb Portrait Purple Horiz BorderDeb has a deep connection to community and to nature, she credits this to growing up in Minnesota. This connection has fostered a sense of curiosity about people and relationships. She has been privileged to enjoy working as a registered nurse and a life coach. These two pursuits have made it possible for her to be in engaged relationships with individuals and families.

A Surprise Connection

In 2001, she began to see the connection between being a labor and delivery nurse and the emerging field of life coaching. Having recently completed the American Holistic Nurse Association course on Holistic Nursing, she began identifying the mind body connection as well as the influence thoughts have on the quality of our lives. Experientially she knew that support was absolutely crucial in sustaining changes in thought patterns and behavioral responses. At that point she made the decision to complete the training to become a certified life coach.


Part of the training for coaching included being coached. In that relationship she was free from the confines of being a friend, employee, daughter, wife or sister. With no hidden agenda on the part of her coach, Deb could focus on what she wanted, not in a self-absorbed way but in a way that helped her live life more fully and with more joy.


Deb remains steadfast to the commitment to provide others with the experience of supporting them in their journey of self-discovery and life fulfillment.